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When Exactly is the Regency Era?

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When Exactly is the Regency Era?

The official definition, historically and politically, is from 1811 to 1820 when George, Prince of Wales, also known as ‘Prinny’ governed the country as Regent during the mental illness of his father, George III.

It was through an act of parliament that allowed this to happen on February 5, 1811. The Prince was sworn in as Regent at Carlton House on February 6th. He ruled as Regent until 1820. When his father George III died, Prinny assumed the title of George IV. He reigned until his own death in 1830.

The First Gentleman of Europe

The Regency Era is also associated with social and cultural development. The Prince Regent was known as the ‘First Gentleman of Europe’ and became patron for many of the arts including music, painting, sculpture, literature, decor, as well as, technology and science.

This period of sophistication is known as the Regency Style. This Style encompassed more than just the years 1811 to 1820 and it’s this Style that leads to the broader definition of the Regency period. It encompasses a strong influence beginning from the early 1780’s and ending in the late 1840’s. Brighton is an excellent example of the broad regency period when the Prince of Wales first visited in 1783 and construction on The Royal Pavilion began not long after in 1787.

The Royal Pavilion

A newly opened railway to London in 1841 increased visitor traffic and allowed for an expanding social scene further helping to define the broader era. The architectural features of a regency town house also reflect this Style revealing the wealth and sophistication of the broader regency era.

As an author of Fun, Cozy, Historicals, And Then Some… I’m excited about the stories I may be able to create spanning the broad period of The Regency beginning in the 1780’s. I hope you will join me on these adventures. The first book in my Majestic Estates Series is Storm Chasers of Wentworth Hall set in 1798 where Prinny himself makes a cameo appearance and his interest in technology and science are highlighted.

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