Welcome!  As you browse the selections under each author, a  indicates favorite titles.  Don’t forget, I only recommend the titles listed because although one book meets my criteria because I have read it or a trusted source has read it, I cannot guarantee all books by the same author do.


Joan Aiken

♥: The Five-Minute Marriage

Elizabeth Aston

♥: The Second Mrs. Darcy

Jane Austen

♥: Emma, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice

Kathleen Baldwin

♥: Lady Fiasco, Mistaken Kiss, Cut From the Same Cloth

Linda Banche

♥: A Gift From the Stars, A Similar Taste in Books

Blair Bancroft

♥: The Mists of Moorhead Manor, Brides of Falconfell, A Gamble on Love, Lady of the Lock, The Harem Bride, The Temporary Earl

Kim Bowman/Kay Springsteen

Marion Chesney a.k.a M.C. Beaton

The Daughters of Mannerling Series

♥: The Folly, The Homecoming

The Six Sisters Series

♥: Deirdre and Desire

A House for the Season Series

♥: The Wicked Godmother

School of Manners Series


Karen Cogan

Daphnie du Maurier

George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans)

Aileen Fish

Bridgethorpe Brides Series

Shanna Hatfield

Baker City Brides

♥: Thimbles and Thistles

Pendleton Petticoats

Susan Gee Heino

The Mischievous Misses Collection

♥: Miss Wheaton’s Whiskers

Candace Hern

The Regency Rakes Trilogy


♥: Miss Lacey’s Last Fling

Georgette Heyer

Brenda Hiatt

Hiatt Regency Classics

♥: The Cygnet, Lord Dearborn’s Destiny

Marie Higgins

Sons of Worthington

♥: The Sweetest Kiss

Heroic Rogues Series

♥: Take My Heart

Barbara Metzger

♥: Miss Lockharte’s Letters

Emma Tennant

Regina Scott

Patricia Veryan

♥: Mistress of Willowvale, The Wagered Widow

The Golden Chronicles Series

♥: The ENTIRE Series 🙂

Tales of the Jewelled Men

♥: The ENTIRE Series 🙂  These books need to be movies (IMHO)

The Harlequin Trilogy

The Riddle Saga

♥: The ENTIRE Series 🙂

Sanguinet Saga

♥: The ENTIRE Series 🙂