Find Your Story in the Unseen World

Heroes and villains.  Where do they come from?

I have an idea.  Well, I should say I saw an idea…or two…or three.  I saw the rainbow bridge of Asgard and the gamma rays that created more than one super hero or villain and maybe even a sidekick or two.

Monsters?  I saw those too although they are unseen creatures of mystery.  Microscopic actually.  Are you intrigued yet?

It was on a trip to the Great Lakes Science Center.  I experienced the Omnimax Theater for the first time.  She was amazing.  You will have to visit to see what I mean.  She actually instructs you on how to deal with nausea.  I thought, “Pfft.  Nausea in a movie theater?”  You’ll see.

Mysteries of the Unseen World.  Little ones could actually be scared of these guys.  And, big people too!  At least when they are blown up to the size they are on Omni.  I was amazed at the thought of how little we really know about creation.  And, of course, the wheels of the writer in me started rolling on the idea of how these tiny unseen creatures might become tomorrow’s Godzilla on the screen or in the book.  I wonder if anyone has actually looked there to find the next monster or space alien or guy/girl next door.

How about nano technology?  It’s actually a realty!  An elevator to the space station.  Can you imagine a day job where you work at the space station by day and home for dinner with the fam by night?  Oh Yeah!

This one short visit to the Unseen World spawned all kinds of sci-fi, fantastical and futuristic ideas for this writer’s mind and I write historical.  Well, it seems steampunk is in my future.

Why not look to the unseen world and find your story.  It may just be waiting for you to discover.

Here’s the trailer:



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